VideoPad Professional Video Recorder and Editor for Windows

VideoPad is a software of video editing specially developed to create professional quality videos without having to spend large amounts of money. Among its features, it stands out for being able to work with more than 60 formats, allowing quick and intuitive editing.

It has more than 50 effects and transitions, as well as the possibility of editing videos in 3D and 360 degrees, with the possibility of adding text, subtitles and effects. You can not miss the presence of templates with visual effects, the possibility of video production in green screen / chroma and add logos and custom watermarks to our videos.

Once the editing tasks are finished we can export the final result to different resolutions including FullHD, 2K and 4K (720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p and more). We may also share them online or on websites such as YouTube or Facebook. In addition, it is possible to upload files directly to our cloud, offering compatibility with OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Everything you need to process videos

Once we run VideoPad we find a simple and well-organized interface with which we can quickly become familiar, even if we are not experts in the field. In an intuitive way we will see how we will not have problems opening and closing windows, adding transitions and text. Simply drag and drop the video, audio and images into the file panel and then assemble the clips on the timeline.

Both video clips, images or sound files are left together on the timeline, so we will have easy access to them and combine them in the appropriate way.

Video editing

The application has an important collection of transition effects with which to move between clips and images, as well as a filter collection with which to give it a unique style and appearance. It should also be noted that it includes the ability to stabilize and edit videos taken at 360 degrees.

videopad filters

When applying the clicks we can take a previous preview to make sure they are the right ones to create a custom effect or change several for reuse or adjust their length. To improve the final result of each clip we can add transitions, overlays, text and visual effects.

VideoPad add texts

The optimization features will allow us to adjust colors, add subtitles, adjust playback speed, or add images to footage. For the newbies, VideoPad has a good number of templates que pretending gives an elegant design to add to our clips, with which to achieve a striking result, although the result on many occasions may not be what one would expect.

audio editing

The program also puts at our disposal audio tools which allow us to select sound effects and atmospheric background audio from an extensive library. This will enable us to create a movie soundtrack by mixing audio tracks, voices, music, and narration recording. In addition, we will have the ability to attenuate, mix and adjust the volume of the audio, which may be more than enough in some cases. Instead, the most demanding will have to use an external editor or a mixer.

VideoPad Record Audio

VideoPad allows us to record directly from the program itself and has the possibility of carrying out functions text to speech correctly. It also has voice recognition for subtitles, although the implementation is not as successful as one might expect, since the result when automatically translating subtitles can be improved.

Share and export

Once the editing process of both audio and video is finished, we must think about sharing and publishing the final result in social networks or export it for example to the hard drive. The program offers full compatibility with YouTube and other social networks, something that content creators will like. We can also share videos directly on platforms like Dropbox, Flickr, Vimeo and Google Drive.

VideoPad Export Videos

In case we are a bit more traditional, we can simply save the video on our computer, in a wide variety of formats. Furthermore, it will also be possible create DVD or Blu-Ray discsas well as optimizing our clip so that it can be viewed correctly on our mobile phone or tablet.

Video Pad Free Download

VideoPad has a free trial version which is available for non-commercial use and without registration. we can download it directly from their official website. The program is compatible with Windows (11, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) 64-bit operating systems and Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. Its installation file barely occupies 5 MB and it is carried out extremely quickly through its wizard. At no time does the program try to get us to install unwanted third-party programs.

If we decide to buy its license to be able to use it without limitations, we can opt for the home version, which has all the functions, but only allows two audio tracks without external plug-ins, which has an official price of 70 dollars. The other possibility is to purchase the Master Edition which has all the unlimited features of audio tracks and plug-ins. Its official price is 120 dollars. In both cases it is possible to acquire it at a lower price since they usually have permanent offers.

Alternativas a VideoPad

If we are looking for a video editor that has good features, we can opt for one of these VideoPad features.

EaseUS Video Editor

We are talking about a complete editor. With it we can carry out functions such as trimming, cutting, dividing, merging, rotating, mixing video clips, applying effects, speeding up or slowing down the speed of the video, among others. It is compatible with the main video formats and has various export options to be played on mobiles or other devices, as well as record directly on YouTube or upload them to YouTube or social networks. We can download a trial version from the developer’s website. Your lifetime license is priced at 76.95 euros.


It is possibly the most popular free video editing tool. It has features that stand out such as the fader effect, color correction, automatic orientation, cut transitions, etc. Its quantity and variety of tools is so wide that it has little to envy some paid editors. It is compatible with most of the popular formats and allows you to export the videos in different resolutions. We can download Shotcut for free by clicking on this link to the developer’s website.