Vodafone is confirmed as the best mobile operator in 2021

Vincenzo Ronca

Here comes the usual report on quality of mobile network operators in Italy made by nPerf. The data provides an excellent overview of the quality offered by the various fixed network operators and refers to throughout 2021 just spent.

In the ranking we find all the operators with which the users of nPerf have performed tests during the year. We talk about half a million teststhe graph below shows how they were distributed the percentages based on the number of tests performed, carried out between 1 January and 31 December 2021, on the various operators in the ranking.

In general, let’s see Vodafone triumph in the overall standings which takes into account all test parameters. The red operator is confirmed as the best in Italy according to the data collected by nPerf for fourth consecutive year. In second place we find WindTre which, together with Vodafone, showed the sharpest improvements compared to last year. In third place he places himself TIM and at the last, with a certain detachment from the others, we find Iliad.

In terms of download speed let’s see how Vodafone beats everyone with an average value of 63 MbpsWindTre chases with 48.7 Mbps and Iliad is in third place, with his own 45.6 Mbpssurpassing TIM.

The same trend is also confirmed by analyzing the average monthly speed of download.

In terms of upload speed Vodafone confirms its dominance, with an average speed of 13.7 Mbps. In second place we find WindTre and TIM paired a about 11 Mbps and at the last Iliad with 8 Mbps.

In terms of latency TIM prevails over the others with an average value of 41 msVodafone chases with 42 ms and Iliad closes the ranking with a significant gap relative to the average value of 75.6 ms.