Cupra lands in the metaverse. UrbanRebel debut confirmed in 2025

Cuprafor his fourth anniversary, he spoke about 2022 targets and beyond, revealing a very interesting project linked to metaverse. But let’s get to the news strictly related to the auto sector. For the current year, the Spanish carmaker intends to double its sales, turnover and sales network. The CEO of the brand, Wayne Griffithshe added that two further models will be announced although no particular details have been provided.

And looking to the future, it has been confirmed that in 2024 the Tavascan will debut, an electric SUV whose concept was presented in 2019. The launch in 2025 of the UrbanRebel, a small electric that will be offered at a price around 25 thousand euros, has also been confirmed. . We had the opportunity to see the very particular concept of this battery-powered car up close during the Munich Motor Show 2021. For the Spanish brand, therefore, theelectricity will be of increasing importance.

However, the debut of these two battery-powered models still lacks some time and therefore there will certainly be a way to learn more.

The most interesting news is certainly the announcement of the landing of Cupra in the metaverse through a platform that has been called “Metahype“and that was designed for the youngest. In particular, it is one collaborative space where brands, startups and content creators can host a wide variety of events to allow people to have different experiences. A virtual place where there will also be space for the purchase and exchange of NFT (non-fungible token), i.e. unique digital content. Metahype was developed in collaboration with VISYON. Obviously, within this virtual space Cupra will be present with its own hub where it can create new experiences for its users.

Motorsport is well rooted in Cupra’s DNA, and within the metaverse it will be possible live the racing experience driving the UrbanRebel electric through your virtual avatar. Before making this particular virtual experience available, Cupra will be auctioning its first UrbanRebel NFT. Whoever wins it will have the opportunity to become one of the first virtual pilots of UrbanRebel.