We have all been waiting for it: the meme of the Spider-Man who indicate themselves with the protagonists of No Way Home

It is no longer a spoiler: i “three Spider-Man” cinematographic appear simultaneously in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sony has therefore decided to celebrate the launch of the home video version of the film with a very special image (which we have all thought of).

It is in fact the Spider-Man meme pointing out, but in real version with actors Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire in their respective Spider-Man costumes. The original image, which has become famous on the Internet in the last two years, is taken from a 1967 episode of the cartoon and shows two Spider-Man (one of which is obviously an imposter).

The meme with the three actors then lends itself easily to different “manipulations”which will surely flock to the web in the coming weeks: below, an example with the exclusive template.