the screen goes haywire? There is a solution

Samsung just acknowledged the screen flickering bug of its latest flagship, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and said a fix will come soon.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: a patch for the display bug is coming

Earlier this week we reported that some units of the Galaxy S22 Ultra were exhibiting a strange display issue. Several cases have surfaced in these hours, as more people have started to get their hands on their pre-ordered devices. Now, the company has recognized the problem and promised to fix it soon.

In fact, some Exynos 2200 variants of the Galaxy S22 Ultra report a bug showing a horizontal pixelated line across the top of the display (where the clock widget is located). This problem occurs only when the device is set to QHD + resolution and color mode natural. The line disappears as soon as the color mode changes to Vivid.

Unlike what some people say, it appears to be a software problem since the pixelated line does not always appear. It can be easily fixed with a software update and it seems the company is already working on it.

Samsung’s official forum moderator announced that they have received an official mention from the company regarding the display issue. The South Korean company claimed to be aware of the pixelated line bug S22 Ultra, which appears on the lock screen and YouTube video playback. The company said it has already worked on a patch to fix the problem and a software update will be released soon.

The interim solution …

Until then, the company recommends Galaxy S22 Ultra users to reduce the display resolution to Full HD + or switch to vivid color mode.

… and the definitive one

The bug will probably be fixed with an upcoming software update which will be released on the Galaxy S22 series.