Lightning Network, the solution to improve the scalability of Bitcoin, exceeds 2,900 BTC

The Lightning Network, the leading scalability solution for Bitcoin, hit a new all-time high in its network capacity, surpassing 2,900 BTC.

The Bitcoin Scaling Solution, Lightning Networkalso known as LN, recently surpassed 2,900 BTC locked. The capacity of the scalability network is now 2,909.3 BTC with an approximate value of 126.6 million dollars. So far this year, the capacity of the Lightning Network has grown 190%, compared to the 1,000 BTC locked up earlier this year.

The Lightning Network also set new all-time highs in the number of active nodes and the number of open channels. At the time of this edition, the number of nodes in LN reaches 27,166 active nodes worldwide, while the number of open channels is 74,034 channels.

Lightning Network metrics.
Source: 1ML

The Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s leading scalability solution, designed to allow BTC transactions to occur off-chain without intermediaries, to ensure faster transactions and more affordable fees than on the mainnet.

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45% of Lightning Network in the US

A large part of the Lightning Network nodes are located in the United States. According to 1ML metrics, 8.09% of the network’s active nodes are located in the North American country, with a total of 1,291 nodes. The network capacity of these nodes is 1,317 BTC; that is, 45.7% of the current total capacity of the Lightning Network. The number of active payment channels in the United States amounts to 19,467 channels.

Distribution of network capacity, nodes and channels of the Lightning Network.
Own edition with 1ML data

Germany, Canada, Ireland and Singapore are the next countries with the most number of active LN nodes and blocked BTC, in addition to other nations such as France, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and Spain.

Twitter and Bitcoin

The news from Twitter about the adoption of Bitcoin payments through LN is driving the growth of the scalability network. Last week, Bit2Me News reported that Twitter has adopted LN to allow its users to send and receive micropayments through the platform using bitcoins. The idea is to make it easier for content creators to receive tips from their followers, as well as to empower society through the benefits and value opportunities that this offers. cryptocurrencyas a decentralized and alternative financial system.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, made bitcoin the native currency of your social network through the Strike API, a Bitcoin-based solution that allows companies and individuals to connect to the network to send and receive money through this cryptocurrency at any time and from anywhere. Strike CEO Jack Mallers pointed out that the adoption of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network on Twitter will revolutionize all known payment systems and methods.

At the close of this edition, Bitcoin (BTC) quoted with a value of $44,310 per unit, showing an increase of 5.2% in the last hours after the fall in value caused by the new prohibitions of China towards cryptocurrencies.

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