Will autonomous driving of the Apple Car have a South Korean soul?

Lately, more and more news has been overlapping around the alleged Apple cara self-driving electric vehicle of which very little is still known but which could be launched in a few years. The latest report from TheElec states that Apple started a cooperation with a South Korean company Semiconductor Assembly and Testing Outsourced (OSAT) to develop the autopilot chip, just like the ones used by Tesla. This company apparently started development last year and is expected to finish in 2023.

According to the report, this kind of chipwho oversee the artificial intelligence calculationsusually integrate a neural processing unit, CPU, GPU, memory and camera interface among other functions.

Previous reports they had indicated the 2025 as the launch date of its electric car, but following the show up of several obstacles during developmentit is now believed that the presentation may have been postponed at least until 2028. Considering Apple’s utmost secrecy in this regard, the questions are different. At the moment it is not yet known when or even if we will see this electric vehicle on the streets, if it is planned to be placed on the market or if the Cupertino company intends to launch its own autonomous driving service, similar to that of Uber. And you what do you think? Let us know your guesses in the comments below!