Will the new PlayStation event tell us when God of War Ragnarok comes out?

It seems a bit ‘become the secret of Pulcinella, but it seems that Sony is planning a new PlayStation event for March 2022 in which God of War Ragnarokwith its release date, it could play the lead role.

The “usual” Shpeshal Nick, a well-known insider in the sector, opened a thread on Twitter in which he talked about the next State of Play, suggesting that Sony actually has a show scheduled for March, calling it “the good one”.

What it means is easy to make two hypotheses: the first concerns itself God of War Ragnarok, of which there have been no updates for quite some time and which is still scheduled for 2022 on PS4 and PS5; the second looks instead at Spartacusthe alleged new subscription that will combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in response to the rival Xbox Game Pass.

State of Play March 2022: will it really be the turn of God of War Ragnarok?

Many think so: Sony could end with a “beauty” a crackling start to 2022 that began with the launch of the Uncharted collectioncontinued with Horizon Forbidden West and which will end in March with Gran Turismo 7 and temporal exclusivity Ghostwire Tokyo.

Announce the God of War Ragnarok release date could be the proverbial icing on the cake, to make even more unforgettable a moment that is certainly important for all fans of video games and PlayStation.

Other sources argue that the new God of War would not be the only protagonist of the event: there is talk of the return of Sly Cooperbut also more information on PlayStation VR2, the next-gen viewer for PS5 whose design we have recently known. Above all, as we said, official details are finally awaited on PlayStation Spartacus, the service that could revolutionize what is currently the offer of PS Plus and PS Now.