LEGO and 2K Sports together for new sports titles (including a soccer one)

LEGO has formed a new partnership with 2K Sportsa software house subsidiary of Take Two Interactive which produces the games related to the NBA and WWE: the collaboration in question will lead to the creation of some sports titles, including a soccer one that should arrive just in time for the next World Cup.

As for the soccer game, this will actually be developed by Sumo Digitalalready famous for Sackboy: A great adventure AndTeam Sonic Racing. The title, as mentioned, will arrive by November and will be followed by a “open world driving game with a major license”which will instead be developed by Visual Concepts, the developers of the NBA and WWE series. The latter is instead scheduled for 2023.

This is a truly radical change for LEGO-themed games: since 2005, LEGO-branded titles and those with collaboration with other intellectual properties (such as Star Wars or Harry Potter) have been developed by the British studio TT Gamesowned by Warner Bros.