UNIQUE price for this mini speaker that plays 12 hours LIKE NEVER BEFORE

A small price for an equally small mini speaker, but let me tell you: it doesn’t let anyone put its feet on its head. Despite holding him with two fingers, he doesn’t let you down and besides being portable, he has a lot of features that captivate you at first sight. How much do you pay him? Just € 20 on Amazonbut think you can have it now and forever.

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Mini speaker: all the power in a few centimeters of space

A mini speaker like this you can’t help but love at first sight. You literally slip it into your pocket but in terms of power it sounds like a concert. You connect it with the Bluetooth to your smartphone and the party begins.

You take it to the sea, to the mountains, to the city, to the bathroom, to the park or wherever you want. Meanwhile, you must not have thoughts because it is totally waterproof therefore he is not afraid of water.

In a minimum space it brings together first-class speakers that do not neglect a single note and an exceptional battery. Compared to the other models you find on the market, this one lasts well with a single charge 12 hours of playback. Half a day of autonomy in total safety.

Isn’t that great? Precisely for this reason you shouldn’t miss it.

mini speaker

The physical button is equipped with LEDs and if you press it you can manage playback in a very simple way. Plus he comes home with hers travel case which is perforated and has an integrated carabiner. Moral of the story: even when you transport it you can use it without limits.

Buy this mini speaker on the fly on Amazon for only € 20.99 taking advantage of the discount. Shipments are made in one or two days with the Prime subscription and without even having to spend an extra euro.

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