WhatsApp, in the beta there are still news for voice messages

Together with the coveted multi-device support, which arrived in beta this summer, the most relevant news of the year on Whatsapp have concerned the vowels, with the ability to speed up playback launched in May on the stable version. And on this front, there is still great excitement, with various features under development such as transcription of vowels and the possibility of pausing the recording.

Digging into the WhatsApp beta code for iOS, as reported by WaBetaInfo, in fact, one can be found a new function and again “sleeping”, which finishes and completes the previous picture. While everyone can already increase the voice reproduction up to 2x, in fact, the same is not possible for “audio messages”. The difference between the two contents is subtle: the audio messages are in fact nothing more than forwarded voice.

Therefore, if you receive a forwarded vowel, in the current state of things it is not possible to reproduce it using the different speeds available. Here, the news coming is right here: under the surface of the beta, as made visible by the animation above, there are already the first traces of the possibility to choose whether to speed up playback also for forwarded voice messages.

Currently, as mentioned, the function has been found in the iOS beta, but it is easy to imagine that it will soon be seen in the Android one as well. However, since it has not yet been activated even on the test channel, it becomes difficult to understand how quickly it will arrive on the stable one.

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