Fantic unveils the concept of its first electric scooter at EICMA 2021

Fantic, at EICMA 2021, brought several innovations. One of the most interesting is the concept of his first electric scooter, a vehicle designed and built-in Veneto and Emilia and equipped with an E-Power motor and inverter, a company born from the collaboration between Dell’Orto and Energica. Let’s see the first details shared by the manufacturer.

According to what has been said, the electric scooter will have access to a 3 kW unit. In addition to the concept shown at EICMA which falls into the L1 category (equivalent to a 50cc scooter), Fantic has also provided an L3 version (equivalent to a 125cc model). This new two-wheeler will have up to 2 batteries of 2,200 Wh which will make it possible to offer an autonomy that will be able to exceed 100 km.

The vehicle will be produced entirely in Italy and assembled at the Motori Minarelli plants in Bologna. The electric scooter features a die-cast aluminum trellis frame and 16-inch wheels with 90/80 tires at the front and 100/80 at the rear. The technical equipment also includes 220 mm (front) and 180 mm (rear) disc brakes with integral braking.

Fantic’s future electric scooter will also feature some advanced solutions. For example, it can be managed remotely through a dedicated application for smartphones. The manufacturer then announces that this model can be customized through a series of dedicated accessories such as a high windshield, leg deflectors, leg cover, rear top box, and side bags.

Fantic’s goal is to launch a product on the market that “has a competitive price and offers a reduced operating cost thanks to low maintenance (first vehicle inspection at 10,000 km), 50% of the insurance cost in Italy, exemption from road tax for the first 5 years and above all a cost about 1 euro every 100 km traveled“.

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