Will PS5 have its own Game Pass? Not really: the details of the next Sony service

During an episode of the Grubbsnax show, insider and reporter Jeff Grubb has revealed more details on the new service that Sony is planning to launch for PS5. According to the latest information released by Grubb, in reality Project Spartacus will be slightly different from Xbox Game Pass, for a number of reasons also related to the cost of the subscription.

According to the GamesBeat reporter, who got to speak to someone close to Sony, PS5 it would be close to receiving this new service, still known by the codename Project Spartacus. “The service will consist of three price ranges: Essential, Extra and Premium”, Grubb said. The most expensive tier, or the Premium tier, should cost around $ 16 a month but will not allow you to play some full titles, but will instead offer trials very similar to how EA Play does, as well as a library of “classic games”, such as old titles for PS1, PS2 and probably PS3. 10 Dollars instead for the Essential program and 13 Dollars for the Extra tier.

Prices, according to Grubb, are not yet final. The three subscription plans would instead confirm you, even if there is a lack of information about all the services that will be offered, such as online gaming and the streaming service, but also the same backward compatibility, which at this point could become exclusive to subscribers to the new service and limited to the library digital offered by Sony. Several details are still shrouded in mystery therefore and it is very likely that they will only be revealed with the official announcement.

As usual, we invite you to take this news with a grain of salt. While knowing Jeff Grubb’s high reliability, this information has not yet been confirmed and of course rumors remain. We will update you as soon as there are more details on the matter, so stay tuned with Tom’s Hardware for all the details regarding the world of video games.

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