Will the Halloween Ends movie be the final chapter of the franchise?

Halloween Endsthe closing chapter of Laurie Strode’s story, is the direct sequel to the original Halloweennot counting the other five films that were released before the 2018 release. Filming started a few days ago and the film will be released in theaters on October 14, 2022. Fans have long been wondering if this chapter will mark the end of the film. franchise and it seems that this is the case.

John Carpenter considers whether to continue or end the franchise with the movie Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends is the sequel to the film Halloween Kills of 2021, of which you can read our review in this article. Produced by Jason Blum through his Blumhouse Productions along with Rough House Productions, Miramax and Trancas Pictures is starring Jamie Lee Curtis And Nick Castle that reprising the roles of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, James Jude Courtney who plays Myers. Andi Matichak, Will Patton And Kyle Richards reprising their roles as Laurie’s granddaughter Allyson, Deputy Frank Hawkins and Lindsey Wallace.

Halloween Ends

It seems that the film will conclude once and for all the new adventures of Laurie Strode and her eternal fight against evil embodied by serial killer Michael Myers and, according to John Carpenter, the creator of the horror saga, executive producer and composer for the trilogy directed by David Gordon Green, during an interview in which he talked about the future of the franchise, the film will also be the last of the franchise:

“Let me explain the world of cinema: if you take a dollar sign and attach it to something, there will be someone who will want to do a sequel. It will live. If the dollar sign isn’t big enough, whatever happens, it won’t live. I do not know. This time, I don’t know. They really want to finish. They will turn it off, they will finish. That’s what David has in mind and I think that’s okay. “

Halloween Ends

A few clues about the future of Halloween The boss of Blumhouse also gave it to us some time ago, Jason Blum, producer of the franchise, who had stated that he would like to extend the franchise, but that at the moment there were no plans to produce a sequel after this third film. .

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