Windows 11 Microsoft is working on a new Task Manager

Windows 11 continues to improve. After the news that emerged for the Notepad and those related to the latest build of 2021, Microsoft seems to be working to graphically renew the Task Manager. The indiscretion was relaunched on Twitter and derives from what emerged from build 22538 of the preview released today by the Redmond company. The images show an aesthetic impact inspired by the Fluent Design that characterizes the whole new operating system.

According to what emerges, this should not be a complete overhaul of the current Task Manager. The tabs that are usually found at the top have been moved to the side, while the window frame is inspired by Fluent Design. Microsoft has also introduced dedicated buttons for common actions like creating a new task, ending a task, and more.

As pointed out by Twitter user FireCube, you can manually enable the new Task Manager within build 22538 of the Windows 11 preview. However, you need a program called ViveTool, which allows you to enable the hidden functions of the operating system. The feeling, therefore, is that Microsoft is still refining this novelty and that everything can undergo more substantial changes than the current situation.

We will see if the Redmond company decides to include the new Task Manager in the next public update of Windows 11. There is no doubt, however, that the US giant aims to refine its operating system as much as possible which, in the coming years, will have to collect more or less definitively the heavy legacy of Windows 10. Moreover, there is still talk of an adoption rate of just over 5%, so the road is inevitably long.


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