WindTre, with “Bring a friend” you can get up to € 200 bonus

The initiative “Bring a friend” Of WindTre was extended until March 20, 2022. With this promotion, it is possible to invite customers of other operators to come to WindTre. In this way, inviting customers will be able to get up to € 200 in bonus trafficwhile I new customers will access exclusive offers. To take advantage of the initiative, however, it is necessary to register for the free program “WinDay”.

Through the app of the same name, the customer can invite anyone. The invitee will receive a link indicating the two promotions that include enabling the 5G: from 7.99 euros or from 9.99 euros. After selecting which offer to activate, the new user will have to enter their phone number and choose whether to buy the card online or in a physical store.

On the other hand, the one who invited will receive up to 10 euros of free telephone traffic for each friend who will activate a WindTre SIM. In addition there are bonuses:

  • Influencer (up to 2 friends passed to WindTre) without no further benefit;
  • Ambassador (at least 3 friends passed to WindTre) with a extra bonus of 5 euros;
  • Celebrity (at least 7 friends passed to WindTre) with a extra bonus of 25 euros;
  • Star (at least 10 friends passed to WindTre) with a extra bonus of 70 euros.

With WindTre’s Bring a Friend there is no limit to the number of invitations that can be sent, however, once the threshold of 10 friends that have completed the activation of the SIM, it will no longer be possible to send further invitations. When this initiative ends, any bonus traffic accrued will be usable within 90 days following the closing of the initiative