Wireless doorbell with a range of 300 meters for € 17? Tried, PROMOTED!

In full emergency, I had to give up and buy one of the products I was most skeptical about. A wireless doorbell, with a range of up to 300 meters, which promises installation in 30 seconds. All at a more than reasonable price, even too much: up Amazon it costs about € 17 just with an indoor receiver, a little more two units to be placed in the house. I took the most complete model, having a house on two floors.

I had to trust, I needed something to put immediately at the gate – not at the door – right at the gate of the new house: the intercom was dead, indeed the electrical system of that point was.

I gave in, I bought it with the utmost skepticism. I didn’t want anything that needed the internet to work: I needed something darned simple and immediate to use. What arrived home is a product that not only fulfilled what was promised in the advertisement, but went beyond all expectations and trust me: between the first wall of my house and the gate there is about 50 meters of driveway. I tried it and I’ll tell you about it, because it deserves it.

The wireless doorbell that costs little and works well exists

Arrived home with Prime expeditions, at least on the timing we were there, I was in a hurry. I split it and I notice that the design it’s not bad, it could have been much worse, indeed. I immediately plug the units into electrical outlets, one upstairs and one downstairs.

I put the battery inoutdoor unit and I try it immediately: strange, but true, it works! The indoor units immediately rang, but played an annoying melody. I knew I could change them, so no problem.

I run into the garden, walk down the path, and mount the unit where the deceased intercom used to be. It can mount in two ways: using the screwdriver and screws supplied or the 3M double-sided tape, also supplied. You guessed it: I used the most practical solution because I didn’t feel like making holes.

Before placing it, however, the queen test: how is it reception several meters away and with a wall in between? I just wanted to reject this product and have my smart revenge. I was ready to say that “if there is no Alexa and the Internet involved, then it is not worth it”, when from inside they signal to me that – to my ring the bell – the units reacted by reproducing sounds themselves and also lighting up.

My work was practically finished, I just had to fix (lazily and listlessly) the device under the old intercom and I would have finished. I felt like a professional wireless doorbell installer for a moment, but it was actually the product that made it possible.

On the instructions, available in Italian, it was written that it would be necessary pair transmitter (from outside) e receivers. A very simple operation to do, but not in my case it was not necessary, they were obviously already in the factory. Incidentally, the advertisement reveals that the product is certified IP44which should in theory guarantee me a good degree of impermeability: perfect for me, who placed it outside.

Once inside the house, I took a look at the signal repeaters and I saw two buttons. One is for adjusting the volume: there are 4 levels available while the other is for choosing the sound to be reproduced. One piece of advice: there are 36 different tones, but only the first 3 or 4 are affordable. And if you want to play “For Elisa” every time someone rings the door, I won’t be the one to stop it.

However, I can confirm that if you are looking for a wireless doorbell long range (be it really long), this is the cheapest solution you can find. Always take into account physical obstacles that could disturb the sensor (many walls, for example), but it’s something to consider whenever you choose a product that works wireless.

For just about € 17 on Amazon, I absolutely recommend it if you are in a hurry to solve a problem like the one I had and you don’t have the time or money to dedicate. I didn’t think I would, but this device I absolutely feel like promoting it.

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