Google Chrome for Android will say goodbye to Lite mode with version 100

CraigChrome Support Manager, has indeed published a brief post on the official support page where it announces that on March 29, 2022with the update of Chrome M100 in the stable channel, Lite Mode (the old Data Saver mode so renamed a few years ago) will be deleted. The choice is based on a series of considerations that can be summarized as follows: the Mountain View team no longer considers it necessary at present.

Here is the full text of the published post:

On March 29, 2022, with the release of Chrome M100 in the stable channel, we will remove Lite Mode, a Chrome for Android feature that we introduced in 2014 as Chrome Data Saver to help people consume less data on their smartphones and load faster. web pages.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the cost of mobile data drop in many countries, and we’ve made numerous improvements in Chrome to further reduce data consumption and improve web page loading. While Lite Mode will disappear, we remain committed to ensuring that Chrome can offer a fast web page loading experience on mobile devices“.