Worldle is the game inspired by Wordle that tests how much you know about geography

After the departure of Wordle, numerous clones have come out, each one funnier and further distorting its concept. It was recently acquired by the New York Times, causing controversy among the public after its creator broke a promise not to sell it. However, today we are not going to talk about Josh Wardle’s game, but about one very inspired by his and for lovers of geography: Worldle.

In Worldle the goal is simple: guess the country. The clues we have are the shape of its surface and the distance and direction in which we are hitting since the last attempt, being something like a GeoGuessr on a small scale.

Guess the country in this simple game inspired by Wordle

Although there is not much Wordle here, there are similarities in its interface and in the number of possible attempts (which is a total of six). As it says in his instructions, after one try, the game will show us the distance, direction and proximity from it to the target. This distance is between centers of each country.

Once the game is over, we can see the country on Google Maps through a link that appears automatically. In addition, also we have the possibility to share our results on social networks in the purest Wordle style, although the green or yellow boxes do not correspond to the word, but correspond to a representation of how close we have been in distance to the target.

If we go to the game settings, we see that we can modify the unit of measure for the distance, either in kilometers or miles, in addition to being able to adjust the light or dark theme of its interface. We also have the possibility to make it more difficult removing the image that they give us as a track or rotating it.

The success of the game was totally unexpected for its creator, since recently surpassed the barrier of 500,000 players. Known as teuteuf, this developer expressed words of thanks after reaching the figure, commenting that it was only a secondary project.