X-Men: Chris Claremont will write a Gambit miniseries

Fans of the Marvelian mutant universe were pleasantly surprised by the announcement of the return of a popular X-Men comic book author: Chris Claremont. Name dear to the fans of the Children of the Atom, Chris Claremont will be the author of a miniseries dedicated to one of the most eclectic mutants, Remy LeBeaualias Gambitwhose new adventures will be drawn by Sid Kotian.

Chris Claremont returns to the X-Men for a Gambit miniseries

Chris Claremont’s return to the world of the X-Men is news that cannot leave indifferent. X-Chris, as he has been affectionately renamed, is responsible for milestones of mutant continuity, such as The Phoenix Saga Black And God loves, man kills, included in a multi-year management of the mutant universe that made the X-Men one of the pillars of the House of Ideas in the 80s. And just during his handling of the X-Men, Chris Claremont created Gambit, the thief with the power to create and manipulate kinetic energy by turning any object into a potential weapon. Since its appearance in The Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 in 1990, Gambit was an integral part of the X-Men universe, also appearing in the famous animated series The Unbeatable X-Men.

The announcement that Chris Claremont will write an X-Men series dedicated to Gambit also allows us to hope for a better outcome than previous attempts. On several occasions, Marvel has tried to give life to series that saw the Cajun mutant as the only protagonist, but it has never been able to achieve the purpose.

Although we do not have precise information on what we can expect from the new X-Men series written by Chris Claremont and dedicated to Gambit, the cover of Gambit # 1 created by Whilce Portacio shows Gambit in the company of a little girl who looks like Tempesta. It is unclear if this is a tribute to Uncanny X-Men # 248, where Claremont and Jim Lee had shown a Storm brought back to childhood by the Nanny, with the Goddess of Storms returning to live as a thief in the streets of Cairo. In Egyptian cities she met Gambit for the first time, with whom she formed a duo of high-profile thieves. That Claremont is preparing to tell other untold chapters of this period of changing history?