Xbox Controller | The best of 2022

The controller it is certainly a very important peripheral for a console gamer, but choosing one, perhaps the one that best suits your needs, is never easy. There are in fact many, from the most traditional sold together with the console, to others more expensive and dedicated to the most accustomed and geeks. Choosing the perfect product in this case is therefore not easy at all, as there are often many variables involved. That is why we have decided to guide you in this decision, looking for the best Xbox controller for youwhatever your needs are.

In fact, the following article was created with the intention of eliminating any doubts and recommending the most suitable peripheral for each range of users, especially taking into consideration quality and budget.

No more chatter e Let’s dive together in what is the best Xbox One and Xbox Series controller according to your need. And don’t forget to check out pro controllers or, if you’re playing on PlayStation, the best controllers for the Sony console if you’re a bit of a demanding gamer.

Best Xbox One and Xbox Series Controller

Xbox Series X | S Controller

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The controller that accompanies the Xbox Series X | S it is nothing more than a revision of the current ones Xbox controller. However, we refer to a nice revision: Microsoft it has in fact corrected every single problem of the current pads, from the backbones to the slipperiness of the triggers. He has also radically changed the directional cross, thus bringing the pad closer to the current and always excellent one Elite Controller Series 2.

In short, about 60 euros you bring home a substantially perfect controller, considering the price at which it is proposed; in fact it would be stupid to look for features such as additional keys, usually inserted in Pro controller. Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that, regardless of the platform used, that it is Xbox One, Series X | S or a PCthe controller works great.

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Xbox Elite Controller Series 2


We know it well: Elite Controller Series 2 it is probably a choice not suited to all user groups, both for the not very accessible price (around 150 euros), and for the practicality required. Unless you are a geek and experience all the good things the device has to offer, it could be an excessive and unsuitable expense. Nonetheless, in terms of ergonomics, quality of materials, battery life and customization it is the best possible option in the home Microsoft. It is also compatible on PC and it will also be for the future Xbox Series Xas well as the current ones One S And One X. If you are a big fan and you need the nec plus ultra currently in circulation in the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 you will find the best of the best, not only with regard to the landscape of Microsoft consoles.

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Razer Wolverine V2

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Let’s continue along the lines of the controller that we told you above. Razer Wolverine V2, in fact, is a controller that can be labeled as “pro”in the sense that it is built and conceived to best support professionals and offer a little more even to the most occasional who absolutely want to start making their mark during matches.

Let’s start with aestheticsat first glance a bit exaggerated, after all, hardcore gamers like it that way, but actually quite sober and contained. There is no shortage of finishes, just look at the attention placed on the back of the pad and on the grip, complete with anti-slip on both handles.

Coming instead to the pro controller features, we point out two buttons on the front that can be mapped to your liking, the presence of tactile buttons and triggers built very carefully, with the presence – even – of a block to have some advantages in the FPS field.

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Thrustmaster Eswap X

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Another pro controller, this time the last one, is Thrustmaster Eswap X, built as always to meet the most demanding. Its peculiar features, in fact, are all concentrated in the competitive field and in general comfort.

Certainly its aesthetics cannot go unnoticed: the controller is small and well drawn, and in its default color also captivating. Aesthetics aside, however, always important, the big merit is all of some characteristicsabove all 3: the trigger lock, also present in the previous model; mini-sticks designed to last and to provide good precision and, finally, the t-mod technology, which allows you to exchange – at any time, the various presets set.

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PowerA Wired Controller (cheapest)


If for some reason you no longer own the original controller Xbox One and you would like to buy another one for little money, this wired controller distributed by Power A is for you. Basically, it is a replica of the standard version that can only be used via USB cable; you will not be able to use it wirelessly in any way. The controller, as well as su One S And One Xit is also compatible on PC. Therefore, as long as you give up the build quality offered by Microsoft and wireless connectivity, this is definitely a good product. Of course, you will find in your hands something less than what is mentioned above, but in case you want to spend little you will hardly find better.

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The best Xbox controller for collectors

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The highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 will be launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One And PC the next September 17, 2020, and is also compatible with the new consoles, which arrived during the last holiday season. This spectacular controller is completely dedicated to gaming, with a design inspired by Johnny Silverhand. It is also compatible not only with Xbox Onebut also with i PC.

Listening collectors, also take a look at the Xbox controller designed to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Microsoft’s gaming divisionor to the exceptional Forza Horizon 5 themed controller.

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How to choose the best Xbox controller

Which brand to choose?

Before delving into what are the technical characteristics of a controller, it is worth spending a few characters on the different brands that produce these gaming peripherals. Generally, as happens for example with PlayStation, the controllers dedicated to professionals and competitive gaming enthusiasts are designed by third-party brands and officially produced for the reference consoles. Microsoft, for its part, has seen fit to create – in addition to the classic controller supplied with the console – also a pad designed for professionals, the well-known Elite Controller. The only reason to deviate from the official Xbox controllers and rely on those produced by third parties, therefore, concerns the sole arrangement of the analogs: in fact, if you wanted at all costs one symmetrical arrangement, you should necessarily consider purchasing the Thrustmaster Eswap X controller, manufactured by a third-party brand. Finally, last tip: another reason that may push you to avoid the official controllers is the price. There are solutions, such as the one designed by PowerA, which allow you to play well by spending relatively little.

Advanced features

There are various types of controllers, from the most traditional which are supplied with the console, to more performing controllers dedicated to the most hardcore gamers. But what are the most obvious differences? First of all, it should be specified that pro controllers usually have a more effective grip, a less slippery grip and therefore capable of giving excellent sensations to the user.. They come in a respectable package, complete with various spare buttons and, in some cases, even anti-sweat hand cream. But the most important feature, and it is certainly the one that will inspire many of you to buy them, is the addition of multiple extra keys. In this way, the player, using the extra buttons, has the opportunity to perform certain actions without taking his thumbs off the analogs. Example: are you running and suddenly you have to reload your weapon, or slide? With a traditional controller these two actions would force you to detach your right thumb from the stick, with an elite pad, however, you just need to stretch the middle finger to reach one of the two levers located on the back of the controller. Of course you will first have to remap the keys and save the configuration.

So, are these controllers only useful for professional gamers? Yes and no. If you play on consoles and love competitive, clearly you will benefit a lot, but it must be said that even those who simply love to relax with a single player, and obviously have a nice budget to invest, could appreciate all the benefits of these controllers. .

Arrangement of analogs and comfort

We know what you’re thinking: what is this paragraph for if all Xbox controllers have an asymmetrical analog arrangement? Well, that’s actually not the case. There are few solutions, and they are also very expensive, but there is a little something different. This is the case, for example, of the Thrustmaster Eswap X controller, which can transform itself, as if by magic, into a controller suitable for those who prefer an asymmetrical and symmetrical layout. With regard to comfort and, in general, to the controller grip in the hand, choose the pad that best conforms to the size of your hands.