Xbox has among its ranks masters in using Unreal Engine 5

We have repeatedly stressed how, following the numerous acquisitions, the Xbox Game Studios have now become a real dream team made up of large studios from all over the world. Of the great Microsoft productions we have already had the opportunity to see highly appreciated titles such as: Psychonauts 2, Age of Empires IV, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite, but there are many more projects in development and some of them particularly mysterious.

Now, we still know too little about these upcoming Xbox Game Studios projects, but to shed more light on some of these teams there would be Aaron Greenberg, the general manager of the Redmond company. According to a recent statement by Greenberg, among the most talented studios of Xbox there would be The Coalition, defined as real masters in using the new Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine.

“They are masters of the Unreal Engine and helped Epic Games make their demo of The Matrix”said Greenberg, who then pointed out that the guys from The Coalition are hard at work right now several projects not yet announced. One of them could almost certainly be the next Gears 6, but the Xbox general manager isn’t the first to hint at more projects being worked on in the studio.

Gears of War 3

Greenberg also spoke about other Xbox Game Studios teams, noting how after the acquisition of Double Fine the company allowed the studio to expand and heavily improve its games starting from Psychonauts 2 that we were able to play a few months ago. Speaking of the team led by Tim Schafer, Greenberg confirmed that the team’s next game will be released as soon as it is ready.

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