Xiaomi Home arrives at version 7.0 with a new control center

Xiaomi has released a new major update for its smart home application, Xiaomi Home, introducing a new control center that allows you to access the most important devices in a much easier way. Then the home page of the application changes, even if the user can still choose to keep the previous one, while there is no other prominent news, if not support for new devices.

The news of Xiaomi Home 7.0

After installing the update, the application will show a series of screens that explain the novelty introduced with Xiaomi Home 7.0, called the Control center of the whole house. As the app specifies, it is possible to test the new interface and in case it is not to your liking, abandon it to return to the previous one.

However, it must be said that the “old” home does not disappear, but is simply moved to the right in the “Device” tab. The new home includes five sections, for quick access to the most important devices: Automation, Lights, Environment, Cameras, and Curtains.

The vastness of the Xiaomi ecosystem is such that we often find ourselves having several dozen products configured and it is not easy to quickly find the one you want. With the new Control Center, we will also be able to see all the configured robot vacuum cleaners by touching the relative icon at the top of the screen. This will open a drop-down window that allows you to access all connected devices.

Immediately below we can see the “manual” automation, useful for example to turn off all the lights, followed by the light cards. There is a carousel with all the lights configured and two different colors to understand if they are on or off and manage them quickly. Alternatively, you can go into detail to see the lights grouped by room, with the controls to adjust the intensity and two buttons for turning on or off all the lights in the house with a single touch.

Just below the lights tab, we find the environmental data, with all the devices capable of collecting temperature and humidity, as well as indications on air quality. Below, instead, the tab with the connected cameras and the one to manage any smart curtains, to have everything under control, and to be able to intervene simply and intuitively.

No epochal news then, since the changelog stops there, but the new interface will undoubtedly be appreciated by those who have several dozen devices and are looking for an easy way to manage the “interactive” ones, leaving separate motion sensors, buttons, and other sensors on the which is less of a priority to have information.

How to update Xiaomi Home

If you have already installed Xiaomi Home, but even if you have not yet done so, you can download the new version of Xiaomi Home from the Play Store using the badge below. If you have already installed a previous version your data will not be overwritten so you will not lose any settings.

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