Xiaomi MIUI how to download wallpapers

Not much time has passed from the presentation of the MIUI 13 to the extraction of the backgrounds included in the new user interface developed by Xiaomi. The MIUI 13 will be pre-installed in the smartphones of the Xiaomi 12 line, and will gradually reach other smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer, according to timelines yet to be defined. Meanwhile, to customize your smartphone – whether it is a Xiaomi model or that of another manufacturer is not relevant – you can start by downloading and installing over 40 wallpapers.

You can view them using the gallery below or go to the link to download the images in full resolution and without compression. Most wallpapers have a resolution of 2400 x 1230 pixels and are divided into five categories: Molten Glass, Crystallization, Concerto, Natural Texture, and the Black Gobi. They can be installed on any smartphone, but in some cases, a crop may be necessary to adapt them to the screen resolution.

It should be emphasized that the MIUI 13 also includes new live wallpapers that at the moment have not yet been made available for download. The new wallpapers are part of Xiaomi’s efforts to improve the appearance of its interface: the new MiSans font and the new series of widgets also go in the same direction. More generally, MIUI 13 introduces improvements from the point of view of performance, security, and privacy, without neglecting the optimizations introduced for use with tablet screens.

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