Xiaomi still in trouble for misleading advertising for a product

In the description of the technological products the words they are important: if you do not tell the truth to the public you risk running into sanctions for misleading advertising, as has happened to Xiaomi in recent days.

Lei Jun’s brand had to pay a fine of 80 thousand yuan (or just over 11 thousand euros) to the Beijing Market Surveillance and Management Office for erroneous description of a product e violation of the rules on advertising.

The “offending” device in this case is the smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 5 NFCpresented on the oriental market in 2020 and also arrived in Europe in the version without a chip for contactless payments, as opposed to the subsequent model that arrived in Italy at the end of 2021.

Inside the data sheet of the Mi Band 5 and in promotional materials Xiaomi promised a 24-hour sleep monitoringa statement that later revealed itself inaccuratealso thanks to the internal distinction of the operating system between real sleep and sporadic naps.

If the sleep period is less than 20 minutes therefore the smartband will not detect it at all, while if the nap lasts between 20 and 60 minutes the sleep phase tracking mode will not work. If you finally sleep for more hours in a row, the smartband will record the data with one hour difference from the start of sleep.

Xiaomi - Mi Band 6 NFC

In any case, the Chinese authority points out in a report summarized by the newspaper Gizchinathe Xiaomi Mi Band 5 NFC does not perform at all a constant monitoring of this parameter, thus making erroneous the words of the manufacturer disclosed in the technical data sheet and in the promotional materials of the device.

It is not the first time that Xiaomi has encountered problems of this kind with justice in the description of its products: a December 2021 the brand paid another fine of around € 2,700 for having incorrectly indicated the display smartphone Redmi K30 like AMOLED instead of LCD.

These are therefore very high fines low but symbolicwhich demonstrate how important it is to be transparent and precise in communicating the characteristics of the products to the public.

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