XXL Gaming Mats | The best of 2022

Are you looking for a gaming mat and want to have a lot of space available? Then you will definitely be pleased to know that there are several on the market XXL gaming matsthat is, of more generous dimensions than the standard ones and which can even cover an entire desk (or almost).

A pad larger than normal, in fact, has numerous advantages: in addition to giving the possibility to move the mouse on the support surface much more freely, favoring those who prefer to play with DPI and low sensitivity, the mat also serves as a base for the keyboard, and thanks to its size it prevents the desk from getting dirty or ruined in any way. Not to be forgotten is the purely visual aspect, since with a nice XXL gaming mat it is possible to donate a completely different glance at your desks. In short, if you are looking for a safe support surface for your mouse, keyboard and other objects (depending on the size of the mat itself), opting for an XXL gaming mat is not a bad idea at alland below you will find some that may be right for you.

Before diving into what are the best XXL gaming mats, we remind you that on our pages you can also find guides dedicated to the best PC mats, if you prefer the more standard sizes, and to the best accessories for a gaming station.

XXL gaming mats

Titanwolf oversized gaming mat

XXL gaming mats

Titanwolf is one of the best known brands when it comes to gaming mats, especially in the larger cuts: it is, in fact, one of the few producers to go beyond the “standard” dimensions, reaching a more than generous 1200x600mm (or 120cm by 60cm), of considerable dimensions to say the least. If you prefer models with RBG Fortunately, however, you will need less space, since this model, in addition to its indisputable beauty, is also distinguished by its dimensions of 80 × 30 cm.

Dimensions: 1200x600mm (large), 800 × 300 (RGB)

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XXL gaming mats

The gaming mat from HAVIT has always been one of the most popular options of its kind, mainly due to a quality / price ratio at the highest levels, which allows you to buy a practically “premium” product at the right price, as is often the case for products belonging to the same brand, which also produces cheap gaming mice and keyboards. This mat can count on a construction quality that is second to none: the underside, made of sturdy non-slip rubber, prevents it from sliding on the support base, while the rubber coating (among the softest in the category) promotes mouse gliding and comfort.

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Icetek RGB XXL mat

XXL gaming mats

If you are a lover of the RGB world and like to surround yourself with various lights and fairy lights while you play, know that even among the XXL mats there are options that contemplate the addition of luminous LEDs. The Icetek XXL mat can in fact count on a huge RGB LED (with 14 lighting modes, four of which are dynamic and ten static) that runs all around the surface, rigorously water-repellent (as with many similar mats). But that’s not all: this “technological” mat exploits the possibility of being connected to the PC in order to be able to include 4 USB ports, perfect for connecting keys and, if necessary, recharging devices external.

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Gaya Mousepad

The best PC mats

Are you a big fan of Bethesda productions and want to give a unique touch to your workstations? Then you will definitely be pleased to know that there are several XXL gaming mats on the market that offer represented on their backs. some of the publisher’s most iconic productions recently acquired by Microsoft. DOOM, Skyrim and Wolfenstein: these are just some of the famous brands that we can find on these products, with these PC mats that are the best for anyone who wants to customize their desk in total freedom. Ah, what makes it more interesting is the fact that it is very good quality matsobviously characterized by obviously generous dimensions.

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Corsair MM350 PRO

XXL gaming mats

In the list we could not fail to recommend a mat belonging to a more famous and well-known brand in the gaming field, also given the low cost: the Corsair MM350 PRO is indeed a great mat, designed to last and to match quite well not only with other Corsair products but with any location, thanks to a minimalist design (with stitched edges) and a rather sober coloring. Equipped with stain-resistant technology, to let any unwanted liquids flow away, and micro-texture fabric, the Corsair MM350 PRO is certainly one of the best gaming mats on the market.

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How to choose an XXL gaming mat

Find below three simple tips to guide you in choosing a large gaming mat and avoid buying the first one that comes your way. Even if these are products that only once tried can make you understand 100% whether they are right for you or not, there are a series of unquestionable criteria to be evaluated before proceeding with the purchase, and they are precisely those below.


It may seem like a trivial reason, but it is not: first of all, in fact, you have to evaluate what size do you really need for the mat you are going to buy. Keep in mind that “big” mats, that is those that are also the basis for the keyboard, require considerable space on the desk: if it is true that for most gamers this space is not a problem, you must still make a commensurate purchase to your needs. In fact, even among the XXL mats there are different sizes, which are better suited to the different types of desk


The mat material is another element to be taken into serious consideration, perhaps even more than the size: if, in fact, you are not comfortable with a soft mat (or, conversely, with a hard one) while playing, then that purchase will never be suitable for you. The material must also be considered in relation to the degree of “washability” of the mat itself: a water-repellent mat, for example, could be less prone to getting dirty.


The eye also wants its part, right? While most XXL gaming mats are black, they do exist many variations, with different patterns and colors, able to match more or less well to your station. In short, whatever your tastes you will find for sure an XXL gaming mat that will also satisfy you in terms of design.