YouTube Music, two new features: Recommended radios and a more modern UI | Rollout

YouTube Music is experiencing a golden age. According to the latest data on the streaming music market, despite still a fairly low share of the competition, Google’s service is what it grows faster. In short, Spotify and company must watch their backs from the advance of YouTube Music, to which Google continues to devote attention to make it better day after day.

In testing there would be a new algorithm that analyzes musical preferences by advising the user of the radios they might like. The function will be called, trivially, Recommended radios. Those who are part of the group of users where Google is testing the novelty report that compared to the current radio stations, which are developed starting from a single song, the new they will take into account more than one element to elaborate suggestions even more focused on the tastes of those who browse the platform home.

By touching the cover of the radio, recognizable by the sound wave in the background, listening does not start automatically but the same interface dedicated to playlists is opened, with thelist of the tracks that make up the recommended radio, each of which would count around a hundred tracks in total. The radios on the home screen are rotated at each page update.

In the meantime, a graphic novelty for the screen where you add a song to playlists. The current interface (the one on the left), we don’t hide behind a finger, it needs one refurbished which fortunately would be on the way. So to choose in which playlist to integrate a certain track you will have a much more detailed overview, with the titles of the same but also the covers, information on the number of songs already present, and a button Create new playlist at the bottom that no longer takes up an entire line but a small portion on the right that frees up space for the list.

Both novelties are for the moment available to a limited number of users and will come distributed later to anyone who uses YouTube Music.


The first reports of the arrival of the revamped YouTube Music UI much on the app for Android (in version 4.64 and following) that for iOS (version 4.65 and later). Five recent playlists contained in the carousel at the top of the screen, and a specific flag for those that have been downloaded to memory. Over the course of the hours, the rollout has intensified and will complete, barring unforeseen events, the “tour” of users in a few days.