Google’s Dark Mode is now even darker

Many people prefer to use dark themes, when available, on their most visited apps and sites, and over time, many companies have adapted to meet this need. One of these is Googlewhich has been providing for a Dark Mode for the home page of its popular search engine. Apparently, according to what was reported by the colleagues of 9to5Google, recently several users have noticed a change on the site regarding the color. In fact, if before the dark theme had a background similar to a gray, now it is pure black.

Photo Credit: 9to5Google

The absence of color could lead to some benefits on smartphones or other devices they use OLED display And AMOLED, as the pixels remain unlit, leading to lower power consumption. Google announced the launch of this new “Dark Mode” a couple of weeks ago, but at the moment the roll-out has been quite slow and only a few people have currently been enabled.

Google has been having fun redesigning its home page lately. A couple of days ago, we reported that the company has launched some texts aimed at enriching the page with a new widget system capable of providing more information to users. For more details on this, we advise you to read our previous article.

The company also recently signed an agreement with AMD to use third generation EPYC processors to expand the Google Cloud offering with new C2D instances, which will be added to T2D ones and will offer high performance for HPC workloads. memory-bound, such as electronic design automation (EDA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Find all the details in this news.