LG could launch a transparent OLED TV in 2023

LG Display would have proposed a LG Electronics to make a OLED TV with transparent screen. The indiscretion was reported by the newspaper The Elecaccording to which one would speak specifically of a 55 “with fixed screen, therefore similar to the products for commercial use that LG has been making for some years. Therefore, the focus would be on substance rather than on a product of greater impact but certainly higher cost, such as the prototypes with motorized screen presented at CES 2021.

The final appearance of this alleged TV should be close to that of the Xiaomi Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition launched in 2020. The Elec sources claim that LG Electronics will evaluate the LG Display proposal in the near future. If the green light arrives, development will probably start in the second half of 2022 while commercialization would be set for 2023. Compared to the transparent OLEDs available today, we expect that any LG TV launched next year will be equipped with Ultra HD resolution: remember that the 55 “transparent OLEDs already available are Full HD.