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Editor’s note: This article has been updated to February 23, 2022 with new offers available.

Amazon is proposing a real wave of new end-of-season offers. In this article we have decided to show you a roundup of what are the best proposals involving the best products belonging to Applewith offers ranging from classic smartphones to irresistible smartwatches, and other products, with discounts that undoubtedly represent an unmissable opportunity for anyone who wants to renew their smart devices at very low cost, but without putting aside performance.

Among the selection of products on offer, we bring to your attention the excellent headset Apple AirPods Maxnow available at the price of € 531.09 instead of € 629.00following a 23% discount that will save you well € 93.00a considerable figure, especially considering that we are talking about one of the top of the range currently available on the market!

We are talking about a pair of headphones, excellent in every respect, equipped with a dynamic driver designed by Apple for high fidelity sound. Computational audio combines a unique acoustic design with his chip H1 and the Apple software in order to guarantee you a revolutionary listening experience from every point of view. In addition to clear and detailed audio, one of the main features of these headphones resides in active noise cancellation that will isolate you from external noises, giving you a clean sound that can make you totally immerse yourself in listening to your favorite music.

With each charge you will have up to 20 hours of listening and when you store them in the Smart Case, they will go into ultra-low consumption mode saving battery power. We can say that the Apple Airpods Max they are among the best headphones around, able to offer an unprecedented listening experience, in essence, a product of exceptional quality that, at a discount at this price, certainly deserve your consideration!

Having said that, before leaving you to our selection of products related to the bitten apple brand, we suggest, given the vast choice, to visit the dedicated Amazon pageso that you can discover the excellent proposals of the portal.

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