After 15 years, Apple could lose one of its sources of income

Yes, the open App Market Act is getting closer and will serve to change the rules that have governed the application store market for 15 years.

Apple and Google, with App Store And Play Store, are two of the main targets. With their platforms, they move millions and millions of dollars and currently have control over the catalog, especially the Cupertino company.

But what is the open App Market Act? It can be summarized as a set of rules designed to change the basis of the distribution and billing of virtual items. Going into detail and examining our sector, the two companies mentioned would be forced to allow third-party application stores to publish their Apps on the pages of their respective proprietary stores.

If in recent years the proposal has remained a lot in the background, now there is a clear acceleration with more than 90% of the voters extremely in agreement on the provision that will generate wider competition without the filter imposed by the various platforms. But not only that, many companies like Epic Games And Spotify have long been pressing for this law to be approved.

When this law comes into force, a user will be free to choose and install an application that he will find online, without going through the relevant Store, as is the case now, especially for Apple. And it is precisely for the latter that things will change markedly with current customers who will be able to change their habits.

The Cupertino club has always had big doubts about the fact that the open App Market Act could be good as its approval would lead customers to be more exposed to the malware of all kinds and their sensitive data fed to anyone.

Finally, its entry into force appears more and more a formality with only the technical times necessary for final approval to divide us from the finish line.

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