AMD completes its $30 billion acquisition of Xilinx

by Jordi Bercial

As we had been anticipating several weeks ago, AMD had clear intentions to acquire Xilinx for a total amount of 30,000 million dollars, something that has served the company, after completing all the necessary procedures and checks, to obtain the approval of all the relevant regulators and thus be able to acquire the company and all its technology, completing the purchase of the company today.

Xilinx will allow AMD expand its offer of solutions for clients, in this case adding all the technology and products such as Xilinx FPGAs to its catalog. Also, as part of the deal, all Xilinx workers will remain with the company, giving AMD more than 13,000 engineers and about 3,000 million dollars annually for research and development of new products.

Geeknetic AMD completes its $30 billion acquisition of Xilinx

For now it is not exactly clear in which AMD products the technology that comes from Xilinx can be integrated, but in the case of a company focused on FPGAs, is It is possible that some of its technology can be applied to AMD Radeon GPUs to improve them in the future.

This fate has been much better than the one NVIDIA has had with its attempt to buy ARM, which was avoided by regulators in several countries for different reasons.

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Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

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