Bermat GT-Pista, the new Italian sports car ready to hit the track

Berman GT-Pista is a new Gran Turismo designed for racing and was born from the collaboration between Berman and JAS Motorsport. For Berman, a new car manufacturer based in Rovereto (province of Trento), this is the first model. The presentation was held at the Turin Automobile Museum. On the launch of this car, Matteo Bertezzolo, founder of Berman, commented:

I have always had the dream of creating a vehicle that reflects the style and driving needs of its owner. I transformed this dream into an idea, that of creating a frame capable of adapting to different mechanical style solutions and, therefore, of optimizing the manufacturing process of handcrafted cars in a semi-industrial perspective.

The manufacturer explains that the name Berman derives its origins from the initials of its founder, while the initials GT wants to bring the culture of Italian Gran Turismo back to life. The term “Pista”, on the other hand, indicates the version of the car that is specific to the track. The road variants will arrive only later and will also be proposed with electric powertrains.



The style of the car was signed by the CAMAL Studio of Turin. The aerodynamics have been treated in the best possible way. Inside you can see the large splitter and at the rear the generous wing and the shape of the engine hood which has always been designed to optimize aerodynamic flows. At 200 km / h, this sports car can dispose of a load of 250 kg.

The interiors are essential. In particular, the large carbon fiber dashboard that crosses the entire passenger compartment stands out. We also find the digital cockpit with a 12-inch screen. The OMP seats, approved for racing, have been revisited and customized in the choice of colors, materials, and stitching in line with the finishes and interiors of the GT-Pista. The passenger compartment also features a molded roll-bar to limit the height of the roof without compromising the safety of the occupants.

One of the features of this new car will be its customization which will also apply to the bodywork. Customers will be able to choose colors and liveries. The new GT-Pista rests on Berman’s micro-modular frame, called T-MM. The platform is characterized by the presence of a living cell which, for the top versions, is in carbon fiber monocoque, approved for road use, and compliant with FIA regulations foreseen for the CN prototypes.

The T-MM platform was also created to have the ability to customize vehicle components at 360 degrees. Therefore, the new Italian brand can build fully customizable cars effectively and efficiently. In addition to the monocoque, the body is also made of carbon fiber.

The dimensions of the Berman GT-Pista are 4,503 mm length x 2,000 mm width x 1,214 mm height, with a wheelbase of 2,600 mm. The weight is 985 kg. Under the bonnet, we have a 4-cylinder in-line with 2 liters of displacement, supercharged and arranged at the rear in the longitudinal direction. The manufacturer declares the powers included between 320 (235 kW) and 400 hp (294 kW), depending on the configuration, with a torque of up to 450 Nm.

As for performance, we only talk about 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds. The gearbox is a sequential 6-speed front engagement. There is also a self-locking differential. The suspension group is typical of racing cars with overlapping triangles with a pushrod system and adjustable compression and rebound dampers. The car uses Pirelli DHB 245/645/18 tires on cast aluminum OZ Racing rims.

The JAS braking system, equipped with Bosch racing ABS, features 380 mm self-ventilating discs with 6-piston calipers on the front and self-ventilated 355 mm diameter discs and 4-piston calipers on the rear.



At the beginning of 2022, the car configurator that will allow customers to customize the car should go online. The aim is to initially produce 10 units per year. The cost of this model will be 200 thousand euros. Also, next year, as mentioned at the beginning, road-approved versions will arrive. There will also be a 100% electric model. The manufacturer did not share details on the specifications of these future new cars.

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