Bleach: new illustration by Tite Kubo linked to the sad news

Tite Kubothe author of Bleach and the current one Burn The Witchmade a new illustration with Ichigo Kurosaki collected by a yellow-blue color, to remember the Ukrainian flag, to support the difficult war situation that is taking place in these days in Eastern Europe.

In fact, February 24, 2022 will be remembered as the darkest day in the course of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis since it gave birth to an armed war where the whole world could be called upon to intervene. There are those who do it materially, those who, on the other hand, try to send messages of strength and courage through their word or art.

The author has decided to field his drawing and we can look at the illustration spread on the own official Twitter profile:

Recall that the anime of Bleach is expected to return to October 2022 with the adaptation offinal story arc de The Thousand Years War. The anime, remained in suspended from the 2012will transpose the contents proposed by 55 ° up to the last chapter published in 74th volume. He returns to the production of the project Pierrot study (Naruto And Naruto Shippudenamong other adaptations).


On the occasion of the Jump Festa 2022, held last December 2021, Shueisha unveiled a key visual and a trailer to announce the news of the anime’s return. The key visual is available at the opening, while the trailer is shown below:

In Italy the anime series of Bleach began his run with dubbing ad April 2021. To date they have been broadcast on Prime Video (Amazon) the first nine seasons. There tithe And eleventh season will arrive on March 25, 2022.

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Bleach: manga and anime

Tite Kubo is a manga comic artist who has achieved success, through the boards of Weekly Shonen Jumpwith Bleachserialized from 2000 to the 2016 with a total of 686 chapters And 74 small volumes. In Italy the work is entirely published by Planet Manga (buy on Amazon the last volume of the manga).


The manga inspired an anime series produced by Pierrot study from 2004 to 2012. The return of the anime with the adaptation of the last story arc, The Thousand Years War (details in our most recent article), will air in Japan in October 2022.

In Italy, the first season of the anime is currently available with the first seven seasons through the streaming platform of Amazon Prime Video.

Additionally, the manga inspired an animated series that aired on Tokyo TVnovels, video games, animated specials, feature films, merchandising and even a movie in live action released on 20 August 2018 in Japanese cinemas.

From 14 September 2018 Netflix made the vision available, also in Italyof the live action.


Bleach is the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a boy with a very special ability: he is able to see ghosts. And if his life is already crazy because of this gift, imagine what could happen to him if he became… a god of death.