Call of Duty Vanguard, developers recognize the game’s problems

If Athens Cries, Sparta Doesn’t Laugh: Battlefield 2042 e Call of Duty Vanguard, two different shooters and yet incarnations of historical franchises and with a huge following of the public, they arrived on the market together and not in perfect conditions. For a change, after Cyberpunk 2077, Football 2022, and simultaneously with the disastrous GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, even the latest COD showed up on day one with a good dose of bugs and unsatisfactory calibrated gameplay.

In a note to players posted on Twitter, the team of Sledgehammer Games spoke to the community thanking her and adopting a particular rhetorical strategy to apologize for the technical problems inside the title: the message in fact describes the fight against the code and its anomalies, but also against some “broken” gameplay mechanics, as a sort of war front where players and developers fought side by side, side by side, suffering together.

Obviously, there is no lack of promise to continue collecting feedback to improve the game over time: however, there is no announcement of any particular update or bug fix to be released soon. On the contrary: the announcement actually goes in the opposite direction, and basically gives the appointment next week.

Own yesterday, however, there was an urgent action to disable the “Secrets of the Pacific” event which had just been launched. And that, unfortunately, had caused a deluge of crashes, seriously undermining the ability to play, to the point that it was necessary to quickly remove it.

In detail, the event pushed players to explore Verdansk in search of relics from other eras: a collection aimed at unlocking intel for the Caldera map coming to Call of Duty: Warzone (by the way: the launch has been postponed to December 8). Those who have made progress in the mission need not worry: they will be kept once the event is reset.

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