Cameras under the display? No, Oppo thinks of a second screen on the back

Smartphone with a display on the back? It is certainly not a new idea (see Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra), but Oppo, which in recent times has not skimped on research and development, seems to believe it enough. The Chinese company has filed a patent in which he explores three different solutions to place a screen even on the back surface of your smartphone.

Two of the three included in the Oppo patent show a display on the back with reduced dimensions to be integrated in the most way harmonic possible, while the third, developed by the colleagues of LetsGoDigital, consists of a flashy display but more exploitable by a diagonal that is not too small.

In short, it can be seen from the image: the two architectures on the sides are less invasive, more discreet, while the one in the center is better for functionality. The patent exists, but it is not certain that the solutions or even just one of them can pass from “paper” to one of the products that Oppo will present in the future.


The presence of an extra display offers several opportunities– always, in fact – we also have more options to get the ideal shot.

The other non-negligible opportunity involves the trend recent for which smartphones must maximize the extent of the main display And must do it without interruption, be it the hated notch or the hole for the selfie camera. This is how the display cameras made their debut, “hidden” under the screen, which nevertheless struggles to gain a foothold due to the complexity of the technology needed so as not to sacrifice excessively the quality of the shots. Oppo has also invested in this area up to the third generation, made official in August, but it has never used it for mass production, not even on the recent and innovative Find N.

Some doubts about the effectiveness of the results achieved can be had, also in light of the choice to invest in the presence of a second display, which would allow eliminating the “problem” of the selfie camera or in any case to be able to accept compromises in terms of quality cameras in the display, if these – thanks to the screen on the back for selfies – were only used for video calls. In short, Oppo does not seem to want to preclude any way.

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