Xiaomi launches a new LCD board with memory and bluetooth

Xiaomi has already launched LCD whiteboards in the past, but they differ only in screen size, while today the company has started the crowdfunding campaign for a new model with internal memory and Bluetooth connectivity.

Features of the Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Blackboard Storage Edition

The portable whiteboard MIJIA LCD Blackboard Storage Edition has 121 MB of internal memory and supports synchronization with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 5.0, features not present in previous MIJIA LCD whiteboards.


Thanks to Bluetooth support and storage space, the new Xiaomi LCD board can be connected with your smartphone or tablet using the MIJIA app and Mi Cloud to share content.

The device features a display with 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity and is powered by a 1,000mAh battery that offers a nominal one-week run time on a full charge, while the stylus’s 0.7m nib is made of “Super steel polymer”.

Availability and prices of the Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Blackboard Storage Edition

The Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Blackboard Storage Edition is available in China is the only 13.5-inch variant at the standard price of 349 Yuan (about 48 euros), but its crowdfunding price is only 299 Yuan (about 41 euros).

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