Car inspection, from 3 January it will be possible to request a refund. How does it work

The Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility communicated that the platform will be online from 3 January 2022 which will allow citizens to request a refund of .9.95 euros to compensate for the increase in the tariff for the overhaul of motor vehicles and trailers carried out in private centers.

As we know, this increase was triggered on November 1, 2021. By going to an authorized workshop, the rate rose to 79.02 euros against the previous € 66.88. This novelty included in the 2021 Budget Law was not liked by motorists. For this, the government then decided to offer a partial refund for the people who would have had to pay for the care overhaul with the increase.

This reimbursement has been renamed “Safe vehicle voucher” and can only be requested through an online platform prepared by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility. Finally, we know that this platform will be put online on January 3, 2022, on the ministry’s website.

The contribution can be requested for the reviews carried out from November 1st, 2021, and for the following three years. This “voucher” is granted to owners for one vehicle and for one time only. If today a citizen requests a refund for the overhaul of his car, he will no longer be able to request it between two. Furthermore, if a person owns more than one car, they can only ever request a refund.

Unfortunately, we know that the funds available are very few and that is 4 million euros per year. This figure will be enough annually for only about 402 thousand applicants. It is therefore easy for the classic “click day” to take place. In any case, the Ministry explains that citizens, to request the financial contribution, will have to access the platform using the SPID, or the electronic identity card (Cie), or the national services card (Cns).

Subsequently, they will have to fill in the form available with the requested data and attach a copy of the proof of payment for the revision. The refund will arrive directly on the current account.

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