Car license, the news coming for the theory exam

Small revolution coming for the theory exam of driving licenses. What changes? The number of questions falls, 40 to 30, to which you will have to respond in 20 minutes. A maximum of 3 errors will be allowed. With the fourth mistake, you will be rejected. This news for the driving licenses A1, A2, A, B1, B, and BE will take effect in a short time. In fact, a managerial decree from the Directorate General of Civil Motorization is expected by January 8, 2022, with which the date of applicability of the new provisions will be established.

But why this change? The reason is found in the decree of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility.

Given that the long persistence of the health emergency from COVID-19 and the consequent necessary adoption of contagion prevention measures, also in terms of reducing the number of candidates present in the classroom for the completion of the aforementioned theoretical tests, has resulted in a considerable number of practices arrears that can hardly be evaded in compliance with the terms set out in art. 122 of the legislative decree n. 285 of 1992, although, for some cases, extended by specific provisions of the law; Considering that the current persistence of the risk of contagion from COVID-19 in terms of exposure, proximity and aggregation throughout the national territory, suggests and reminds, even after the formal cessation of the state of health emergency, the adoption of measures aimed at optimize the time spent in a closed place of the candidates, without prejudice to the necessary requisites of effectiveness and effectiveness, of the control of knowledge; Also considered that – both to facilitate the recovery of the aforementioned substantial backward activities regarding the carrying out of the exams for the achievement of driving licenses of categories A1, A2, A, B1, B and BE, as well as to increase the productivity of the various factors ( examining staff, computerized examination stations, surveillance services) and consequently contract waiting times for users – it is necessary to introduce changes also to the same methods of carrying out the aforementioned theoretical tests, governed by the aforementioned decrees of the Minister of Infrastructures and transport 19 December 2012 and 8 January 2013, without prejudice to the effectiveness of the same, in view of the aforementioned purpose of general improvement of the performance of the system in the event of perturbations and therefore, more generally, to increase the resilience capacity of the exercise of the function of carrying out the theory exams.

In other words, since the rules for managing the pandemic have limited the capacity of the computerized classrooms in which the exams are held that must be sanitized at the end of each session, backward practices have accumulated and therefore it has been decided to streamline and speed up the theory exam procedures. The Ministry, therefore, has chosen the “easier and faster” way to eliminate the bottleneck that had been created due to the health emergency instead of trying to upgrade the Motorization.

This change is in addition to the amendments to the Highway Code which include changes, for example, as regards the duration of the Pink Sheet.

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