Car market, Kia e-Niro the best-selling electric in January 2022

JATO Dynamics take a new photo of the automotive market of 26 European countries showing how to January 2022 the worst results have been recorded since 1991, with a total of 811,332 new cars registered. Numbers that register a 2.4% drop compared to January 2021 and 20.8% compared to the same month in 2020.

Not surprisingly, the beginning of 2022 marks a complex moment for the four-wheel sector despite the electric and plug-in hybrid cars they got pretty positive numbers.

With reference to the data released in the past few hours by JATO Dynamicsthe registrations of BEV and PHEV vehicles they totaled altogether 149,400 unitswith an increase of 36% compared to January 2021 and 105% compared to January of the previous year.

Despite the widespread numbers, the company points out one growth of electricity and plug-ins which, however, is not enough to compensate for a 27% drop in diesel registrations and a 1% drop in registrations of petrol models. As for the fully electric cars, however, these scored one increased by 73% compared to January 2021, thus representing 54% of the segment of cars on tap.

But who wins the top spot in the January 2022 sales ranking? On the first step of the podium among the electric we find the Kia e-Niro which he got 4,049 registrations. Second in the standings, the Renault Zoe with 3,338 registrations. Follows the 500 electric with 3,276 registrations. Fourth place instead for the Hyundai Kona Electric and sixth for the Dacia Spring.

If we look instead at the overall ranking of January 2022, the best-selling car in Europe was the Dacia Sandero with 17,558 registrations. Second place for Peugeot 208 and third for Peugeot 2008. Fourth was the Volkswagen Golf.