Colin Farrell tested the Penguin makeup at Starbucks

There is no doubt that Colin Farrell has decided to immerse himself 100% in the part of Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin, a character he will play in The Batman. The actor has indeed revealed of having tested the prosthetic makeup of the Penguin at Starbuckswhich took several hours to build.

Penguin is inspired by The Godfather

Colin Farrell tried the Penguin trick at Starbucks

Interviewed on the microphones of Collider to promote the film, Farrell revealed a particular anecdote: took a coffee at Starbucks with the make-up of Batman’s famous nemesis to see if it worked and if anyone recognized it.

“The first time we tried prosthetic makeup, we did it in the truest sense of the word. We were in Burbank, it took six to eight hours to make it happen. There was a team of 10, 15 people and it was great. I went to Starbucks and ordered an Oswald drink, oat milk with two stelvia sweeteners, all wearing Penguin makeup. I got some dirty looks, but only because I looked imposing. Mike Marino, the designer, did a huge job ”.

Farrell has recently explained that in the film Oswald will not yet be the Penguin of the comics and that he will not be able to smoke, a veto imposed by Warner. The Batmanas explained by Matt Reeves, will also serve as an origin story for some of the Dark Knight’s most important nemeses.

We already know that in The Batman the Penguin will have a limited screen time, but the character is expected to return in a spin-off of his own made exclusively for HBO Max. Director Matt Reeves also said he was thrilled to be able to explore his Bat-Verse with new projects.

The Batman

The Batman will be disconnected from the current continuity of the cinematic DC universe and will tell the story of a novice Dark Knight, being in his second year of activity. The film will also skip Bruce Wayne’s now seen and revised origin story. The release in Italian cinemas is set for March 3.