Cris Tales free on Epic Games Store until March 3: RPG between past, present and future

The free game this week on the Epic Games Store takes you to the world of classic RPGs, but in a modern style. The free offer available from February 24 to the March 3, 2022 it is indeed about the delicious Cris Taleswhich you can redeem for free in the version for Windows PC.

Cris Tales takes inspiration from Japanese classics of the 90sadopting a style 2D very well defined, with turn based combat, stats and everything you can expect. The mechanics, however, are more tantalizing thanks to the ability to interact with the past and with the future, transforming the story and giving more depth to the gameplay. If you loved Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and other titles of this genre, you absolutely must try it, also because you can do it for free!

Find below the link to download for free Cris Tales from Epic Games Store. The free download will be activated starting from 5 pm today and will last for a week. Once redeemed, the game will be available forever in your Epic Games Store library, even after the promotion ends. To install Epic Games Store games on your PC, simply download the official launcher from this addressenter your library and press the appropriate button.