New Pokémon announcements coming up: date and time of the next event

A whole series of celebrations and updates related to the next one have been going on for a few days Pokémon Day. Although the actual day of the celebrations will be Sunday 27 February, the company of collectible creatures has already revealed a series of information regarding the new updates on the Diamond and Pearl remakes and a whole series of spin-offs of the franchise.

Just a few moments ago, however, it was officially announced the next Pokémon Presents: the main event in which the Japanese company will announce a whole series of news related to one of the most popular and profitable franchises in the entire world of entertainment. The appointment, therefore, is expected for this Sunday, when starting at 15:00, Italian time, the live broadcast will start.

According to the first information on the event, we know that the new Pokémon Presents will last about a quarter of an hour. At the moment nothing else is known about this upcoming event, but it is certain that over the next few hours the brand’s very affectionate community will launch into numerous speculations and discussions on what could be the main announcements that we will see in these days.

All that remains is to wait for the early afternoon of Sunday 27 February, when starting at 15:00 we will see the new main event dedicated to the beloved collectible monsters of The Pokémon Company.

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