Elden Ring has a nostalgic charm in this fantastic demake

The big day of Elden Ring has finally come. Starting today, the expectations of the many fans will be met and there are already many players who are taking their first steps within the interregnum of the From Software work. To celebrate this very important day, several users have decided to dedicate their own fan-made works to the new effort of the Japanese studio.

Among all that is coming out with the Elden Ring theme, the well-known video content creator known on YouTube as Hoolopee has created a fantastic PS1-style demake of the trailer for the new From Software title. It is not the first time that a work by the Japanese studio has been taken and reworked to resemble a title released in full era before PlayStation, and once again the final result is truly fascinating.

Everything, from the character models and their textures, to the backgrounds that can be seen in the trailer, has been made in the smallest details. Although the video lasts only 50 minutes, you want to see what a complete and even playable project would be like, a bit like another modder did recently with his own Bloodborne demake.

The video is already making the rounds of the web, quickly obtaining a series of praise from many fans. Elden Ring is available today, and ever since the reviews came out it is proving to be aphenomenal work and one of the most magnificent ever produced by From Software.

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