Important milestone for Gogoro: one million batteries produced for the innovative “battery swap” service

A special milestone was achieved by Gogoro, the company of Taiwan which provides a service for replacing interchangeable batteries for electric scooters: the company, in fact, has announced that it has produced its own millionth battery dedicated to “battery swap”.

The service, started in 2015consists of the immediate replacement of a dead battery with a charged one. Currently there are 450,000 users who access the “battery swap” and, according to the company, are carried out every day 340,000 replacements. Since launch, they have been carried out over 255 million replacements at approximately 10,000 GoStations (allowing a saving of 384 million kg of CO2). Here, people take out the dead battery and insert a charged one. In this way, they can restart without waiting for the battery to recharge.

After conquering the domestic market, Gogoro has expressed the desire to expand its service abroad through a series of agreements with important brands. For example in India has partnered with “Hero Motocop”; in Chinainstead, with “Yadea” and “DCJ”. Finally, the agreement with “Gojek” in Indonesia.