Electric cars, associations ask for aid for the ecological transition

The whole car sector joins to support the electrical transition. The appeal, which sees associations such as Antifa, Anie, Assofond, Class Onlus, And Motus-E, is addressed to the Government and aims to define a structural plan dedicated to electric mobility and essential in order not to interrupt the growth trend of recent years.

The letter, entitled # ActionPlan4eMobility, sent to the Government reiterates that in the Budget Law 2022 it’s completely absent an energy transition strategy in the automotive sector and for the development of private charging infrastructures. A lack therefore could lead to Italy being less competitive compared to other countries which, not surprisingly, have instituted measures aimed at electric mobility and the installation of a capillary network of both public and private charging infrastructures.

Without structural interventions, the market share of zero or very low emission vehicles will most likely plummet in 2022. While last year started with a 4.7 per cent share and ended with 13.6 per cent in December, this year risks settling on values ​​between 6 and 7 per cent, far from the forecasts for other European countries.

Their lack of measures targeted risks not only of blocking the development of electric mobility leading to a drastic halt to market growth, but also penalizing many citizens, completely excluding them from accessing the most efficient technologies that would not be competitive without incentives.

In this regard, the car industry turns to the government asking for a decisive intervention with an action plan to give an important signal to the whole country. The associations, therefore, ask for new sums for theecobonus in the three years 2022/24;
interventions for private charging infrastructure combining the tax credit of 50% for domestic users, small businesses, and VAT numbers and a measure for the development of recharging within condominiums. There is also a request for measures to support the industrial reconversion and workers.

To respond to requests from the sector, Deputy Minister Pichette Fratin said:

We will make an evaluation, but it is the intention of Mise, and also mine since I chair the automotive table, to reintroduce eco-bonuses for electric cars. We will see in which entity. I had asked for 1 billion, but the Government has assessed that it should privilege interventions on high prices and high energy prices and the 4 billion have ended up on those chapters. A detailed study on component companies is being carried out, which will be presented to Parliament in a few days.

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