Free PC games: Epic Games gives away one of the most beautiful artistic titles of recent years

Here we are, a few moments ago the Epic Games Store made available one of its traditional free games of the week. Just seven days ago, the Epic Games digital store offered us a fantastic game that is more unique than rare like Brothers a Tale of Two Sons. Now, for a few minutes the many users will be able to add to their playroom another great experience not to be missed for anything in the world.

It is about Cris Tales, the beautiful title developed by Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK that mixes a colorful and unusual artistic style with a series of role-playing mechanics with turn-based combat. The title has been one of the most talked about and bewitching in recent years because of its great qualities and its uniqueness, and now you can make it yours without having to pay a penny.

As we can read in the description of the game on the Epic Games Store, Cris Tales is a splendid love letter to classic Japanese RPGs, but with a new perspective. Thanks to a particular mechanic you can peer into the past and act in the present, observing how the choices made dynamically change the future. All by proposing a title from fabulous 2D animations hand drawn.

If this Cris Tales has intrigued you, you can download this title for free from now until next week this address. As usual, to redeem the next free games we will have to wait until next week, when the Epic store will make available to everyone: Black Widow Recharged, Centipede Recharged and content for Dauntless.

If you love RPGs you can buy the brand new Monark a this address.