Free PC Games: Microsoft Gives A First Person Shooter

Looking forward to getting your hands on one of the new free games of the week proposed by the Epic Games Store, in these hours Microsoft wanted to make one of the many titles available on its Microsoft Store for PC free. It is not the first time that the Redmond company has offered PC users a completely free game, and for a few hours now it has been possible to redeem a first-person shooter at no cost.

The free game given away in this period on the Microsoft Store is The Meteorite, a first person shooter developed by a Sri Lankan development team. It is a particular action-packed FPS that allows players to enjoy anpredominantly multiplayer experience.

The Meteorite also allows players to create their own custom clans and fight online to determine which clan is the best. Other than that, the title allows you to create personalized rooms to have fun in multiplayer games with your friends. The more you play the title, the more game coins you will get, which will be used to redeem new skins, weapons and new characters in the game shop.

The Meteorite

If this has intrigued you, you can redeem The Meteorite comfortably from the Microsoft Store at this address. The appointment for i next free gamesInstead, it is tonight when the Epic Games Store will be given a new title.

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