Google adds references to Fuchsia in the latest version of Google Chrome

by Jordi Bercial

It is known that the development of Fuchsia, slowly but surely, has been underway for some time, especially with the launch of a Nest device with this system, but as has been seen in the latest version of Google Chrome, it seems that the company is increasing its presence in its products as one more operating system, sign that things seem to be going well.

Recently there has been some controversy with Chrome versioning, which is close to reaching version 100, and this can cause certain web pages to have problems reading the browser’s User Agent. But nevertheless, Google has added a flag in its experimental area of ​​the browser to be able to test these behaviorsforcing the displayed version to 100 to check which sites may have problems.

Geeknetic Google adds references to Fuchsia in the latest version of Google Chrome 1

The interesting thing about all this is that although in version 97.0.4692.99 of Google Chrome there are no references to Fuchsia, in version 98.0.4758.102 they do appearso the company has decided at the last minute to add Fuchsia support for this specific Chrome configuration.

The implications of this are unknown, but it’s reasonable to expect that if you’re looking for a certain problem that can arise with Chrome User Agents on any platform, proving that Fuchsia can be correctly identified online is logical to say the least.

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Article Writer: Jordi Bercial

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