Mercedes-AMG EQE, the new electric debuts tomorrow

  • Tomorrow, Mercedes will officially unveil the AMG version of its new electric EQE that we were able to see closely at the Munich Motor Show 2021. Through a video teaser shared within its social channels, the German manufacturer announced that it will unveil this new performance-oriented model shortly after midnight. Inside the mini-movie, you can see the first aesthetic details of the Mercedes-AMG EQE.

You can recognize elements such as, for example, the AMG-specific Black Panel radiator grille with vertical chrome strips and the new alloy wheels that hide a carbon-ceramic brake system with yellow brake calipers. Overall, however, the AMG version of the EQE shouldn’t differ much visually from the classic EQE. As already happened on the AMG EQS at the aerodynamic level, no big news should arrive, this is because the sedan already has particularly efficient aerodynamics. In a few hours, however, we will know a lot more.

The element on which there is more curiosity is, of course, the powertrain. There will certainly be a double electric motor that will allow the car to have four-wheel drive. After all, the 4MATIC + badge can be seen in the video teaser. As for the power of the powertrain, at the time of the official presentation of the EQE, Mercedes had talked about a new future variant capable of delivering around 500 kW.

At this point, it is very easy to think that this is the power of the powertrain of the new AMG EQE. If it were so, it would be a big leap over the 215 kW of the “standard” EQE. All that remains is to wait a few more hours to discover all the secrets of this car.

We remind you that the EQE will be proposed in 2022 also an SUV version. We have talked about this model several times and recent rumors spoke of a presentation in November. The EQE, in all the variants in which it will be offered, is a very important model for the electrification strategy of the German car manufacturer.